Growth mindset and the gift of criticism

Have you ever received critique that you were happy and grateful to hear? What was unique about that criticism? It is likely that the main ingredient of a successful critique, is a healthy relationship between the two parties. But there is another crucial factor – critique that is solicited, is much more likely to be well received.… Continue reading Growth mindset and the gift of criticism

The judgmental philanthropist.

When it comes to charitable contributions, a request with a name and face to it will typically garner a greater donation. “Sponsor Nancy and Jim’s food,” inspires greater giving than, “help support poor people.” There are times however, that this has the opposite effect. When faced with a specific request, we begin to judge, asking… Continue reading The judgmental philanthropist.

Oneness, or Sameness?

With the advent of the internet and social media, humanity is moving closer to a state of sameness. It is sameness -not divisiveness- that is the polar-opposite of oneness. Opposites must belong to the same category; for example, soft and hard are both textures, and yet they are opposites. Sameness and oneness are opposing ways… Continue reading Oneness, or Sameness?